Arty Arty

… this is love and passion. It is also a way that allows you to appreciate each of the simplest moments.

Most of us are looking for something, often miss our way. In my life, I had to mix a lot to get me right here. Although really, I came back to the beginning.

Arty Arty

… is proof that everything has its time. I strongly believe that we create our own reality, but time is of the essence because we are still matured to be ourselves. I am still falling in love again, in nature and simplicity. I especially loved mountains, stars, and insects. I love the last ones in the company of gold, which I also had to mature to.

And this is the story I would like to tell you. I have been painting since always, but really recently. I want to show you a bit of magic, enclosed in sheets of paper, with the help of gold and watercolor. I create my own series of illustrations, images, and bookmarks. If there is something special that I could paint especially for you – write, I will gladly answer.

Aleksandra Ćmachowska

A nurse by education, a future yoga teacher and an eternal dreamer, trusting that every person you meet is an important lesson.

Loving mother A self-aware woman. In love with the simplest. In the delicacy and transience of moments, in the petals of flowers and butterfly wings, in the mornings and in the fog, in the breath. A supporter of calm, conscious life, and minimalism. Adept of yoga secrets and mountain traveler. Stubbornly looking for the good in everyone and beauty in simplicity. Deep down, he believes that everything has its time.