Watercolor & gold

Watercolor and gold have become a unique tool for me to move into the world of fantasy. Thanks to them, I can show you my vision of reality, inspired by nature and minimalism.

I offer you my own illustrations inspired by the dawn of nature and the galaxy motif, and their reproductions, from the postcard to large poster prints. However, the greatest pleasure for me is creating especially for you. I approach each project individually and with my heart. I paint with watercolors “White Nights” on ecological, handmade, and noble Fabriano 300g paper. I am currently focusing on creating images depicting the world of insects with the addition of gold. Such a set is an elegant and modern addition to any interior.

A5 ćma lineart butt

Created with love and passion for simplicity

I create each project personally. Starting from the design, through painting, processing, and packaging. By ordering from me – you support a small, local business. It’s beautiful when you see that a man is behind the product.
In my work, I use the highest quality materials, but also safe for the environment. During the creation and packaging, I gave up the use of plastic in favor of paper.
Everything I create is due to my fascination with the world and nature, creating a relationship with myself or with other people is an amazing process, the effect of which always amazes me.
Since I started my activity, I have had the opportunity to create many unique projects, also in the field of illustration, visual identification and graphic design.

Illustrations and paintings on order

The heart of Arty art are illustrations.

Each of my posters is in the original version watercolor painted on high-quality 300g watercolor paper, created according to my own design. I am also open to new ideas. If you’re thinking about an individual project, I’d be happy to help you transfer it to paper. For people who love books, I paint unique bookmarks or their entire series. In turn, for special occasions, I create personalized, fairy-tale images, illustrate books, and much, much more. I will create watercolors for you that will give character to any interior. We are only limited by imagination.

Graphic project

I implement projects not only on paper

I also create personalized graphic designs based on watercolor illustrations. I can design unique posters, patterns for fabrics, ceramics, and much more. If you have an idea of how to use my watercolor world in your everyday life, write to me, I will be very pleased to meet you!